Analyze the future of China's mold standard parts industry



  The degree of mold standardization and application level are important indicators for measuring the level of the mold industry.Mold is a special forming tool product.Although it is highly personalized,it is also an industrial product,so standardization work is very important.Countries with more developed industries attach great importance to standardization because they bring quality,efficiency and efficiency to the industry.The survival and development of China's mold standard parts industry is facing serious challenges.But as long as we are united,united and united,face the reality,accelerate reform,seize opportunities,meet challenges,survive in competition,and rely on scientific and technological progress for development,convinced that in the near future,China's mold standard parts industry will fundamentally occur.Sexual change will usher in a better tomorrow.

  China's mold standard parts industry is optimistic about the development prospects

  Mold standard parts are an important part of the mold and are the basis of the mold.It has very important technical and economic significance for shortening the mold design and manufacturing cycle,reducing the mold production cost and improving the mold quality.The experience of foreign industrialized countries proves that the specialized production and commercial supply of mold standard parts greatly promotes the development of the mold industry.According to foreign data,the wide application of standard parts can shorten the design and manufacturing cycle by 25-40%;it can save social working hours caused by user-made standard parts,reduce waste of raw materials and energy;can be modern technology such as mold CAD/CAM The application lays the foundation;it can significantly improve the manufacturing precision and performance of the mold.Generally,the standard parts produced by specialization will be improved by at least one order of magnitude compared with the self-made standard parts,and the interchangeability and the service life of the mold will be improved,thereby promoting the internal economic system,operation mechanism and industrial structure of the industry.Reform in production management,to achieve specialized and large-scale production,and to promote the formation and development of mold standard parts commodity market.It can be said that without the specialization and commercialization of mold standard parts,there is no modernization of the mold industry.

  In recent years,with the rapid development of China's mold industry,the standardization,specialization and commercialization of mold parts have reached a high level and made great progress.Since the establishment of the National Die Standardization Technical Committee in 1983,the organization experts have formulated,revised and reviewed the mold standards.A total of more than 90 standards have been issued,including 22 die standards and more than 20 plastic mold standards.The release and implementation of these standards have promoted the technological progress and development of the mold industry,resulting in great social and economic benefits.The research,development and production of mold standard parts are in full swing,regardless of product type,variety,specification,or technical performance and quality level of the product.Luo Baihui,CEO of Mould Network,said that the standardization level and application level of China's molds are still relatively low,optimistically estimated to be less than 30%,compared with 70-80%of foreign industrialized countries,there is still a big gap.Although the production and sales companies are increasing year by year,most of them are small in scale,outdated equipment,backward in technology,high in cost and low in efficiency.Only ordinary small and medium-sized standard die frames and plastic mold frames,guide columns,guide sleeves,push rods,mold springs,pneumatic components and other products have a high degree of commercialization,which can basically meet the needs of the domestic market and have some exports.And those with high technical content,advanced structure,excellent performance,high quality and convenient replacement,such as ball lock type quick-change punch and fixing plate,solid lubricating guide plate and guide bush,wedge mechanism and parts thereof There are very few domestic manufacturers of high-grade plastic mold standard parts and nitrogen main springs,and due to lack of funds,technical transformation projects are difficult to implement,production efficiency is low,delivery period is long,and the contradiction between supply and demand is increasingly prominent.

  Therefore,it is still necessary to import a considerable amount of mold standard parts from abroad every year,and the cost accounts for about 3-8%of the annual mold import.Domestic mold standard parts still have many problems in terms of technical standards,technology development,and product quality.For example,the product standards are chaotic,the functional components are few and the technical content is low,the applicability is poor;the technical reform is small,the equipment is outdated,the process is backward,the level of specialization is low,the product quality is unstable;the professional talent is lacking,the management cannot keep up,and the production efficiency is low.The delivery period is long;the production and sales outlets are unevenly distributed,the operating specifications are small,and the supply is insufficient;some units compete for the market,do not talk about quality,shoddy,and shoddy goods flood the market.There are also phenomena that do not count costs,blindly cut prices,and disrupt the market.They need to be carefully studied and urgently needed to be resolved.