Domestic molds enter the international market to participate in global market competition



  Despite the advent of the post-crisis era,China’s industry outlook market is still very good.The hardware mold industry is facing big challenges.With the reform and opening up,the focus of global manufacturing industry shifts to China,which provides a strong driving force for the development of China's mold industry,and also puts higher and higher requirements on mold manufacturers.Luo Baihui pointed out that the current Chinese mold manufacturing enterprises must focus on improving product quality and reducing manufacturing costs,and realize the strategic shift from“large mold country”to“mould power country”.

  "Although China's mold size is second only to Japan and the United States,most of them are concentrated in the middle and low-end areas,and the technical level and added value are relatively low.On the contrary,many medium and high-grade molds still rely on imports.In the future,the core competitiveness of products is at home and abroad.Similarly,if China's mold industry is to develop,I am afraid that both companies and governments need to work hard on technology R&D innovation,”said Zhang Chengjun,general manager of Blu-ray Mould and Blu-ray Precision(Hong Kong)Co.,Ltd.,Changan Town,Dongguan City.

  "Chang'an is the capital of China's molds.According to the situation I understand,due to the financial crisis,the days are not good.The enterprises in other places are not good enough."Liu Wei,a mechanical industry analyst at Jinyuan Securities,said.

  Zhang Chengjun explained to the author that the main reason for this situation is that the company lacks core competitiveness,the product grade is not high enough,and it is greatly affected by the financial crisis.The mold industry is different from other industries.It was not affected at the end of last year,but it was obvious that it was affected in the first four months of this year.The market started to pick up again in May.Our company still has confidence in the future.

  Confidence comes not only from the important position of the mold industry itself in the manufacturing industry,but also from the rigid demand of the huge market.

  The rapid development of the automobile industry has brought development opportunities to the Chinese mold industry.Automobile molds such as automobile cover molds,instrument panel molds,bumper molds and automobile electronic molds manufactured in China are more and more widely used in the production of automobile parts.At the same time,with the rapid development of the automobile industry,automobile molds and welding fixtures have been effectively combined and matched,and the integration trend of automobile body mold clamps has been enhanced,which can reduce the matching cycle and reduce the user cost.

  Ten years ago,China's automobile molds were mainly the flagship enterprises of FAW,Second Automobile,Tianqi,Nanqi,Chengfei and Taiwan's mold team.Today,the automobile mold enterprises have grown to dozens,and a batch of rapid rises.Private enterprises already have considerable scale.These companies,both technically and in terms of capacity,have greatly surpassed the iconic companies of the year.

  It can be seen from the distribution of automobile stamping dies in the country that China's automobile molds have developed from the past star fire to the present throughout the country.In the past three years,more than half of the molds and fixtures required for dozens of independent brands and joint-venture brands listed in China have been developed and manufactured by Chinese mold companies,many of which have been manufactured by oem(original equipment manufacturers).The most complicated vehicle mold of the b-class sedan was handed over to the Chinese mold company for production.

  At present,there are more than 100 domestic automobile body mold manufacturing enterprises with a certain scale,of which 20 have output value exceeding 100 million yuan.The number of large-scale CNC machine tools exceeds 800,which is close to or exceeds that of Germany,the United States,and Japan.

  Before 2002,domestic mold companies mainly produced truck and van molds.Car molds were only used to produce structural molds.The production capacity of welding clips was limited to the production of internal welding parts and component assembly fixtures.From 2003 to 2007,domestic mold companies gradually began to produce full-body white body molds,and the welding equipment company also has the production capacity from the four-door chassis assembly,the side wall assembly to the main body welding line of the body-in-white,and has been mainly in the technical field.Close to the international advanced level.

  Many domestic enterprises have realized the three-dimensional physical processing of die.The main job of the molder is to program the machining in the computer room.This greatly improves the quality of the mold,improves efficiency,and shortens the manufacturing cycle.In recent years,with the continuous introduction of high-speed multi-function CNC machine tools,high-strength tools and other advanced processing methods,rapid development has been made in the technical application fields such as unmanned high-speed machining,mold surface fine processing,five-axis linkage machining,and computer virtual machining..Advanced technologies such as simulation and virtual reality have begun to be applied in the early stage of mold development.

  Due to the rapid development of the industry,the technology and management of China's mold industry has also entered the fast lane,and has the ability to challenge the mold manufacturing industry in developed countries.Five years ago,the value of China's import and export molds was 5.8:1,while the ratio of imports and exports in 2007 was 1.45:1,and the export value of molds exceeded US$1.4 billion.It marked the era of China's mold industry entering the international market on a large scale.arrival.

  Japan's Toyota,Germany Volkswagen and other international leading car manufacturers have specialized stamping,welding,final assembly,painting process personnel.They work with the body designers of the R&D center to perform a technical analysis of the product.

  From the car body design to the tooling manufacturing,the principle of unification is followed,and the degree of integration is very high,which is very beneficial to the overall control of the body quality,cost and cycle.Most of China's mold and welding clip industry are fighting each other.It is difficult to communicate between mold manufacturing plants and welding clip manufacturers.Many problems are stuck in the production preparation stage of automobile manufacturers,which seriously restricts the product quality and output of the body-in-white.cycle.

  Due to the limitation of mold materials and special structure of molds,there is still a certain gap between the level of stamping technology of domestic automobile body molds and the same industry in foreign countries.This is mainly reflected in the experience and experience of the process designers.The types of models that domestic process designers are exposed to are quite different from those of foreign process designers,resulting in some constraints on process design ideas.

  The design of foreign stamping process spiral sand washing machine is a very professional position,the division of labor is clear,and it is necessary to complete the complex design process sand washing machine through teamwork,generally including pre-productive process analysis,process plan prediction,model construction,Design process such as feasibility analysis of the process and repeated optimization of the model.

  Taking the overall side wall of the car as an example,the ordinary side wall mold is generally 5 to 6 processes.Four years ago,Toyota of Japan changed the side wall from five processes to four processes,and intensified efforts in mold development and product development,achieving a major leap in the industry.The current research direction is to complete the punching process of the whole side of the jaw crusher by three processes,which not only requires the improvement of the stamping process,but also the collaborative research and development of the synchronous project.The full consideration of the feasibility of the stamping process.

  Some advanced enterprises in the world have a high level of welding and assembly development capabilities,and have formed a small number of small and medium-sized welding enterprises with high degree of specialization as the core of the enterprise with a number of advanced vehicle welding technology platforms.pattern.Foreign countries such as Toyota,Volkswagen,Peugeot,and General Motors have applied digital three-dimensional digital process planning and simulation software for nearly a decade.Domestically,there is no unified digital information management method for the welding line process planning with large output and high degree of automation.The planning capability of such high-automatic welding lines has not yet been formed.

  The equipment of China's automobile body-in-white manufacturing industry is now close to the world's leading level in terms of quantity and advancement.According to the manufacturer of the incomplete jaw crusher,only the automobile mold industry is taken as an example.The domestic large-scale CNC machine tools have exceeded 800 units.However,due to our late start and insufficient accumulation,the manufacturing technology water cone crusher is flat and international.There is still a big gap in the advanced level.In order for China to become a mold power from a big mold country,the industry needs to make perseverance efforts.

  China's automotive mold industry is backward,and the material types and materials are unstable.These problems include:the variety and quality of standard parts;the difference in manufacturing process level leads to higher processing cost than foreign manufacturers;edge technology such as induction quenching/laser quenching/nitriding/titanation needs to be developed;data feedback and stamping process after commissioning Insufficient experience and lack of effective measures to integrate the adjustment and repair process of the fitter into the pre-design period;lack of systematic management procedures and the ability to gradually upgrade.

  The two oil crises promoted the first lightweight of the car;protected the global environment and promoted the second lightweight of the car.The application of lightweight steel and meeting automotive safety regulations has promoted the application of high-strength steel.High-strength steel plates from Japanese and European automakers have been used for a long time and have a wide range.According to the materials,a Japanese automobile company applied 15%of high-strength steel in 1980,more than 30%in 1990,and 50%in 2000.The application of high-strength steel plates for domestic auto parts is limited to structural parts and beam parts.The tensile strength of materials is less than 500mpa,and the stamping parts of newly developed models are up to 980mpa.How to quickly accumulate high-strength steel stamping parts technology is urgently needed to be solved.problem.

  In the United States,the mold industry is considered to be“the cornerstone of American industry”;in Japan,the mold industry is highly regarded as a“high-powered place to enter the affluent society”.In China,the“Equipment Manufacturing Industry Adjustment and Revitalization Plan”adopted by the State Council also took the technical level of upgrading molds and their manufacturing equipment as its key content,in the country’s 16 major science and technology special infrastructure equipment functional components(key components)project.The special mold project also reflects the important position of the mold industry in the manufacturing industry.

  In addition,the central government's series of stimulus plans to boost domestic demand also bring opportunities to the mold market.Some people pointed out that how to make achievements in automobile,aviation,medical equipment and new energy,seize the business opportunities of the 4 trillion yuan total investment and construction project,and turn the national strategy and emerging industries into real orders for the mold industry.It also needs to segment the market,target customers,diversify operations,take mold manufacturing as the core,extend the product chain,and actively provide equipment and products for the mold downstream industry to meet the growing market differentiation.

  Despite the good prospects,the mold market itself is a globally competitive market.At present,mold manufacturers from developed countries have also settled in China.This will undoubtedly exacerbate the competitive situation in the Chinese mold market.Compared with foreign countries in the past,China's biggest advantage is the low labor force.Professor Hashimoto of the Japan Policy Research Institute believes that in general,Chinese molds are“1/3 cost,1/2 quality”compared to Japanese molds.However,with the promulgation and implementation of the"New Labor Law",labor costs have increased,and the advantages of Chinese companies have gradually lost.Luo Baihui emphasized that“the mold industry should pay attention to structural adjustment,vigorously develop high value-added products,and take the fine,specialized and strong routes to create new growth points in the'Blue Ocean'.”Japanese and American companies spare no effort to enhance the high-end molds.The competitive advantage of the field,and China must also improve product quality,relying on technology upgrades to reduce production costs,which has reached consensus in the industry.

  According to reports,Chang'an Town also pays great attention to this point,and through efforts,I believe that there will be great progress."But now there is also a problem.Scientific research and innovation are invested heavily in manpower and material resources.This is still very difficult for private enterprises,and private enterprises in China's mold market occupy a large part.I hope the government can see this.,to provide us with a platform,technically,the financial strength of the government."Zhang Chengjun said.In the face of the crisis,we need the dual cooperation of the government and enterprises to jointly deal with the industry problems faced by the hardware mold industry.