Cangzhou City strives to build 100 billion home appliance industry



  In the year of the“Eleventh Five-Year Plan”,Cangzhou City successively won the“National Appliance Design and Manufacturing Characteristic Industrial Base”and“China Household Appliances and Equipment Manufacturing Base”,two“Guo Zihao”signs.At the same time,China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute The Zhangzhou branch is about to start construction,and this is the only one in the country.After the rapid development during the“Eleventh Five-Year Plan”period,the household appliance information and equipment manufacturing industry in Chenzhou has grown into an important pole in the home appliance industry in our province and even in the country.The home appliance industry has taken solid steps.

  In 2010,Cangzhou has an annual output of more than 16 million household appliances,and the output value of home appliance information industry exceeded 20 billion yuan for the first time,reaching 26 billion yuan,accounting for 20%of the city's large-scale enterprises.The city's home appliances and parts and other related companies have More than 800.At present,the production capacity of color TVs in Zhangzhou City has reached 11 million units,accounting for 2/3 of the province's output;4.6 million refrigerators,accounting for 1/3 of the province's output;4.8 million household air conditioners,accounting for 1/5 of the province's output.A large number of well-known home appliances and equipment companies such as Siemens,Konka,Dongling Kaiqin,Shenhua,Yangzi,Jinshuai,Kesi,and Kunpeng have taken root in Zhangzhou and have grown stronger.Zhangzhou home appliances are gradually forming a cluster of home appliance industry with coordinated development of industrial chain and high concentration.Wang Tuqiang,deputy mayor of Ganzhou City,told reporters:"Five years ago,the household appliances in Zhangzhou were mainly supported,with a single category,low production capacity,and large road goods.The current situation is benefited by the leadership of Cangzhou City,fostering support,focusing on scientific research and strengthening.Service appliance development policy."

  In recent years,while introducing and strengthening leading enterprises and large enterprises,Ganzhou City pays special attention to the development of home appliances and supporting enterprises.At present,there are more than 80 mold manufacturing enterprises in the city,and refrigerator vacuum forming molds and foam molds are manufactured in refrigerators nationwide.The mold production field accounts for more than 70%of the market share,accounting for more than 80%of the domestic market share in the production of non-standard equipment for complete sets of household appliances and solar water heaters.Among them,Anhui Kunpeng Equipment Mould Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.has developed into the largest domestic appliance complete equipment manufacturing enterprise.At present,Cangzhou City has formed an economic and technological development zone,a home appliance information industry cluster in the industrial zone,a photovoltaic and electronic industry cluster in Qinlan Town,Tianchang City,a silicon energy industry cluster in Lai'an County,a Nanxun District,and a home appliance industry cluster in Quanjiao County.Large manufacturing industry and service industry ecological industry supporting cluster area.The local supporting capacity of refrigerators,air conditioners,color TV sets and home appliance complete sets are 80%,70%,40%and 60%respectively.

  Paying attention to government guidance services and technology research and development is another"secret"for the development of the household appliance industry in Zhangzhou.Cangzhou City adopts a horizontally perfect industrial chain and vertically guides the industrial agglomeration.It cultivates professional talents in colleges and universities,establishes a public testing platform,and builds an industry-university research center,so that the city has one state-level enterprise technology center and six state-level high-tech enterprises.There are 4 national and provincial innovative pilot enterprises and 5 provincial-level enterprise technology centers.Siemens also puts the Asia-Pacific R&D center in Ganzhou.In order to cultivate incubating technology-based enterprises,Ganzhou City has built a 300,000-square-meter standardized workshop in the development zone,and introduced logistics enterprises to help enterprises apply for high-tech enterprises or technological transformation projects,and rewards to encourage enterprises and universities and research institutions at home and abroad.The institute conducts research on production,education and research,and independently develops more than 400 new products,new technologies and new technologies each year.Last year,the city also implemented 84 home appliance technological transformation projects with a total investment of 2.5 billion yuan.