China's first home appliance equipment strategic alliance was established in



  This newspaper(trainee reporter Wang Xiaoxiao reporter Dai Yousheng)Zhangzhou home appliance equipment manufacturing industry has developed rapidly,has become"China's home appliances and equipment manufacturing base"and"national home appliance design and manufacturing characteristics of the industrial base",but transformation and upgrading,do A new platform is needed to become stronger and stronger.In this context,on the afternoon of July 5th,the city established the first domestic home appliance equipment industry technology innovation strategic alliance,the municipal party committee member and deputy mayor Wang Tuqiang delivered a congratulatory speech.

  Under the initiative of the Municipal Science and Technology Bureau,the alliance was led by Anhui Kunpeng Equipment Mould Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.Kunpeng Company is the largest home appliance equipment manufacturing enterprise in China,a national key high-tech enterprise and an innovative enterprise.This marks a new carrier for the industrial technology innovation mechanism that takes the enterprise as the mainstay,the market as the mainstay,and the combination of production,education and research with the guidance of industrial demand and market.

  At present,the city's home appliance equipment manufacturing industry is in a critical period of transformation and upgrading.The establishment of the home appliance equipment industry technology innovation strategic alliance is to further enlarge and strengthen the city's advantageous home appliance equipment manufacturing industry is an important measure and effective support.Through the establishment of strategic alliances,gathering innovative resources and high-end talents,vigorously promoting cooperation between industry,universities and research institutes,strengthening technical and bottlenecks that restrict industrial development,strengthening core technology and common technology research and development,conquering a number of important key technologies,and obtaining a group of independent intellectual property rights.Innovative results will form more high-level technical reserves,promote technological advancement in the home appliance industry and enhance the overall competitiveness of the industry.

  In addition to Kunpeng Company,Hefei University of Technology,Anhui Die&Mould Industry Association,Chengdu Hangfa Electromechanical Engineering Co.,Ltd.,Zhangzhou Ouli Mould Equipment Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.,Shengzhou Essence Mould Manufacturing Co.,Ltd.,Anhui Zhongjia Zhirui Technology Co.,Ltd.The company(China Household Electrical Appliances Research Institute Anhui Branch),Shanghai Fengqi Transportation Machinery Co.,Ltd.and other enterprises and institutions joined.After the establishment of the alliance,it will cooperate in research and development of relevant home appliance equipment technology innovation front-end and application topics,and jointly build China's home appliance equipment industry innovation cluster,which is the first strategic alliance of domestic home appliance equipment industry technology innovation.(transferred from"Zhangzhou Daily")