City Audit Bureau helps enterprises to achieve "three fines"



  In order to actively respond to the"three thousand"action call of the municipal party committee and the municipal government,the municipal audit bureau help group to go deep into the frontline of Zhangzhou Jiasheng Latex Silk Co.,Ltd.and Qipeng Mould Equipment Co.,Ltd.to implement the preliminary work results and further understand the enterprise.At present,the production situation,difficulties,and timely help enterprises solve problems encountered in development.

  In the process of assistance,the support team always takes“understand the enterprise,concentrate the enterprise,help the enterprise to solve the difficulties,and promote the development of the enterprise”as its own responsibility.It adopts the introduction,the workshop,the symposium,the exchange with the company leaders and related personnel,etc.In various forms,we should find out the actual situation and problems and problems in the development process of the enterprise,and sort out the difficulties and problems that are existing and prioritized,and do practical assistance,fine assistance,and precise assistance.

  In view of the fact that 50 people recruited by the company’s new recruiting technology cadres this year,there is an urgent need to solve some problems such as the need for some apartments and companies to form joint ventures with well-known Korean companies.The Municipal Audit Bureau’s assistance team will timely dock with relevant departments.Invite the city help center and the relevant personnel of the development zone to conduct face-to-face on-site office work with the enterprise.The company has made clear the development zone blue and white-collar apartment construction and apartment allocation policy;it has divided the preferential policies and preferential policies,and has clearly and implemented the relevant units and individuals of the joint venture preferential policies,and has better implemented the first The help requirements of time finding problems,researching problems in the first time,and coordinating problem solving in the first time have further enhanced the development confidence of enterprises and enhanced the driving force for enterprise development.